Asphalt Repairs


We walk and drive on asphalt every day without a second thought. Asphalt covers our driveways, roads, parking lots, and runways. Day in, day out asphalt gets us where we need to go. It’s most commonly used due to the ease of repair, low maintenance, and its ability to be recycled. You can read more about the benefits of choosing asphalt for your project by visiting the APAO website here.

If Asphalt is so Tough and Long Lasting, Why Would it Need Repairs?

Ever notice potholes or large patches of cracking in the roadways? Asphalt must endure thermal expansion and contraction on a daily basis. When asphalt expands, water can infiltrate cracks and crevices. Debris gets into the cracks and keeps it from contracting all the way back to normal. If the water freezes it is severely damaging. Over time this cycle of expanding, contracting, and debris cause the cracks to grow. The weight of traffic driving over them will break the cracks up and pound the loose debris around in the crevices like a grinding stone. Then water will start undermining the surrounding asphalt causing it to collapse too. These are generally referred to as potholes. Visit to learn more about potholes than you ever imagined.

With proper maintenance, many repairs can be avoided. We highly recommend sealcoating your asphalt pavement.

If you find your asphalt is in need of repair, remember that Coast Pavement Maintenance Inc. has specially trained professionals that perform these repairs. We only use hot mix repairs because cold mix repairs expand and contract at a different rate than the asphalt. This causes the repair to break down and fail prematurely.

We perform 'cut and remove' repairs, 'patch-up and skin' repairs and surface patches all depending on the terrain and the desired outcome.

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